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Monday, June 14, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

I feel at a loss for words right now. I write this list today out of discipline. Yes, I truly am grateful for each one of these gifts and yet I am also grieving the losses and finding it harder and harder each day to face the fact that our time here in Russia has indeed come to an end.

101. goodbye party with coworkers featuring great food, lots of laughs and a few tears...

102. tasty treats for dessert

103. Hedgehog birthday cakes for a 5 year old

104. cherry trees that tempt the neighborhood children to climb them and the view we have of it all for our apartment on the fourth floor!

105. watching a couple become an instant family through adopting siblings!


  1. Gratitude is a discipline sometimes. But it is so important!

    God bless you,
    The Gratitude Community

  2. you are so right! Thanks for stopping by!