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Thursday, April 22, 2010

making memories

sipping hot tea from crystal cups with my husband on a short cruise to Prince’s Island in Turkey was surreal.

spending the day contemplating creation and enjoying the handiwork of God revived my soul.

i am grateful that we had that opportunity. it is a memory i will always cherish.


  1. Beautiful blog!! Thanks for showing it to me. =) I will add you to my bloglines.

  2. thanks, Christie! I am so glad that you stopped by!!

  3. Alida,
    This is the exact verse that I've had on my mind since arriving in Turkey! I was amazed and encouraged to see it as the title of your new blog!

  4. Steph, Great minds think alike!!

  5. Alida - thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad my ironing was able to bless you!!! I wanted to encourage in your new blogging endeavor. I hope you'll be as refreshed by the writing as I have been on mine. Enjoy!

  6. @inamirrordimly- It was my pleasure to find and read your blog! And thank you for the encouragement and support :-)