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Monday, April 26, 2010

One thousand gifts

I am now on a  journey with the Gratitude Community over at Holy Experience.  I am already feeling more at peace and refreshed as I begin to notice the large and small things that I am indeed thankful for.

holy experience

 If you want to join in here are a few of the rules:

1. Pray that He may open the eyes of our hearts
2. Begin giving thanks for the daily washing in His fountain of Gifts--just on a scrap piece of paper or in a journal. Notice and write down from the obvious to little. And begin to feel more joy, less stress, better health, more connected in your relationships, and more delight in your everyday life. Praise is what we are made for!

My 1000 Gifts List #1-30

1. finding the 125th anniversary copy of Good housekeeping Magazine with First Lady Michelle Obama on the cover at a bookstore here in Istanbul.
2. the sounds of children laughing while playing in the street below
3. the calming beauty of the Bosphorus Strait
 4. warm cinnamon rolls
5. juicy strawberries eaten with the cinnamon rolls
6. Gabriel saying “hold me harder!” when we were out walking
7. watching Brianna crochet
8. Sophia watching me crochet and telling me how beautiful it is
9. watching Megan plan her parents coming home party
10. sharing all of this with Tom and Spencer
11. finding Christian books in unexpected places
12. Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s Chicken, camembert and cranberry sauce burger.
13. holding hands with Tom at the movies
14. worshiping in English at Union Church
15. restoration with God through His son Jesus Christ
16. feeling a cool breeze on my skin during the time of silent prayer at church.
17. meeting Sheryl and Terry and going out to lunch with them and the gang after church.
18. feeling better physically
19. Krispy Kreme donuts! original and raspberry filled
20. patient sales people
21. the kindness of strangers
22. fresh lemonade
23. the sense of feeling at home when I see a Pizza Hut or a McDonalds
24. American TV shows
25. Books in English
26. ice cubes
27. my Christian heritage
28. the changes that I feel taking place in me from our 6 weeks here in Istanbul
29. times of quiet
30. having history come alive for us here in the churches, mosques, palaces and museums we have visited


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are off to a great start on your list, Alida! I am smiling that you have reminders of home while you are far away and are enjoying the unique experience you have there at the same time :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Natalie! This time here in Istanbul is truly blessing me and opening my eyes to more of God's world and the amazing people he has placed in it :-)

  3. Welcome to the Gratitude counting the blessings and finding the sacred in the everyday.
    The silent life is not easy...but lifechanging.
    Kindest regards as you journey.

  4. Jessica,
    Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me! I truly appreciate it!

  5. What a great list! I'm pretty new on the journey as well. Welcome! How long are you in Istanbul?

  6. Hi Mominin,
    We came here to renew our visas and get back to Russia where we live and serve. Hopefully, we will be going home in 2 weeks.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. What a lovely list!
    And thank you for taking the time to leave such a nice comment over at my blog.
    Praying you have a blessed day :)

  8. Scrapofstarlight,
    Thanks for the prayers and blessing!! It means a lot to me :-)

  9. Alida-What a wonderful blog. You've inspired me. So many days I count my burdens, not my blessings. Stillgrowing

  10. Thanks, Stillgrowing! I am so glad you stopped by :-)