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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

food, feelings and beliefs

I just finished reading the book Women, Food and God. While there were some passages that resonated with me there were also passages that just made me feel like even the author didn't fully get the link between our thoughts and associations with food and our relationship to and beliefs about God.  Maybe it was just a theological difference in how the author sees God and how I see God. 

I wanted to find Christ in the book and not a generic perception of a spiritual wonderment that is encompassed in all of life.

In Russia I used food to console myself when life was hectic, to reward myself when things were good and to make others happy when we were doing ministry.  So many of my emotions and beliefs about myself are tied to food. 

Next week we will be going through our debriefing time at the Missionary Training Institute in Colorado. I am ready to process my feelings about life in Russia, life without my kids in the house and what lies ahead in Belize.
So here I sit... thinking about food, feelings and cultural attitudes about both and wondering what God wants me to do with it all.

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