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Sunday, April 10, 2011

1000 Gifts

161. brightly painted buildings and homes dotting the landscape of our new adopted country
162. being mistaken for a Belizean
163. the pleasure of eating rice made with coconut milk
164. sharing office space with Tom at CDF
165. cool breezes entering through bus windows
166. women chatting in Kriol on the bus ride to Bible Study Fellowship
167. Karlene's smiling face as takes our bus fare.
168. a driver who knows each top along the way for each woman attending BSF.
169. Yolanda's text message informing me we don't have to teach the next day...which means I can sleep in!
170. a welcomed break from early rising.
171. a husband who responds to my screech to rid the shower of a large black spider.
172. oscillating fans
173. dusty footprints leading in and out of the local pizza place
174. late night reading
175. Kindle for PC
176. teenagers willing to speak about problems
177. parents who want their kids to be healthy in every aspect of life.
178. freedom to slow life down
179. breathing deeply
180. quiet moments
181. thinking my own thoughts uninterrupted
182. blackout curtains allowing for another hour (or two) of sleep
183. text messaged prayers from a friend in the U.S.
184. new comforter and sheets
185. having a bed skirt for the first time ever
186. a firm new mattress
187. just the right shades of green all throughout the house
188. making a salad that tastes like Russia
189. notes from a young Russian mom
190. Nathan booking his tickets to Belize
191. text message from Spencer
192. clean bathrooms
193. movie night with Tom
194. Yolanda's acceptance of my need to stop down from teaching religion classes due to my health
195. Family meal at church
196. darling little two year old Destiny taking a nap on my lap after the church dinner
197. Tom speaking at church this morning
198. camera battery on the verge of dying... forcing me to be selective with my shots
199. an emailed devotional from Yolanda that I really needed to read
200. girls dancing their praise to the Lord at church
201. 5 month old babies that willingly goes from lap to lap at church without complaints

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