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Monday, April 18, 2011

1000 Gifts

continuing to count the gifts large and small...

202. finding joy in the moment
203. being asked to drive for an event
204. used clothing providing a 'new to me' outfit.
205. waiting in a restaurant allowing for times of reflection
206. feeling called to slow down, listen, read and write
207. laundry swaying in the breeze
208. worship music in Russian posted for me by friends on my V Kontakte page (Russian Facebook)
209. preparing for visitors from Canada
210. bathroom decorations that brighten up the room
211. brand new fan to cool down our room
212. growing accustomed to quiet living
213. counting the days until Nathan arrives for my birthday in May
214. Spencer's joy at being on staff for FCM in Kona
215. freshly popped kettle corn
216. worship songs running through my head
217. quiet days at home
218. joyful moments of clarity while naming the gifts
219. peaceful times when my shoulders finally relax
220. praying in small groups with others
221. finding joy in writing poetry again
222. finding release from anxiety by slowing down
223. children on bicycles making their way home from school
224. ornate designs on plastic chairs

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