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Monday, May 24, 2010

blessed and amazed

As we prepare to move from Russia to Belize I am constantly being amazed by how detail oriented God is. He has planned and orchestrated this entire process and each step of the way we are able to see and feel His hand of guidance.

holy experience

76. Katya and Alexei buying our apartment. I feel such joy knowing that such a wonderful family will be able to enjoy this space that we have called home for the past five years

77. Lena and Valera buying our appliances large and small. This family of four has missed out each time an American family has had a moving sale. I am glad that she called, came over and has treasures for herself and for her brother, mother and grandmother.

78. the peace that comes when I read the prayer of St. Francis.

79. the daily readers that bring my thoughts in line with God's will.

80. spending time in the Word with Stephanie and Carre.

81. having the Holy Spirit being our comfort as we pack our belongings and say our goodbyes.

82. having friends who listen

83. surviving the teen years... our youngest son just turned 20 this week. It was such a thrill to see our boys become men.

84. the sound of the rain on our apartment window.

85. after giving a plate of cookie dough and four spoons to Megan she says "oh Miss Alida, you are such a great friend!"


  1. Wow! Russia to Belize. That makes my move from New Hampshire to Colorado sound like a walk in the park. Moving certainly brings mixed emotions. Hard to say goodbye but I love the opportunity to de-clutter to evaluate what is important, to make a fresh start and look forward to new adventures. Blessings in your move!

  2. I join you in gratitude for a God that cares about every aspect of our lives...including the stresses that come with moving.
    May God bless you as you being your new life in your new home.
    He will continue to orchestrate all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His will (Rom 8:28)